Sinclair Imaging Brand Cartridge FAQ

Question: Is it true that Sinclair Imaging brand cartridges perform as well as brand name OEM products?

Answer: Absolutely. All Sinclair Imaging brand products are premium grade and are 100% guaranteed to perform exactly as well as OEM products.

Question: How are you able to guarantee that your products perform just as well as brand new products?

Answer: We employ a tightly controlled quality control system. All worn cartridge components are replaced with new parts, refilled with only the highest quality ink or toner, and thoroughly tested in-house before being supplied to any of our business clients.

Question: Will my printer’s warranty be voided if I use Sinclair Imaging brand products?

Answer Absolutely not. Congress passed legislation known as the “Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act” which strictly prohibits the original cartridge manufacturer from voiding a user’s warranty for using refilled and remanufactured printer cartridges. Just as you can choose what kind of oil to put in your car without voiding your vehicle warranty, you can choose what brand ink or toner you want in your printer cartridge without consequence.

Question: Okay, so using Sinclair Imaging brand products will not void my printer’s warranty. But what if your product damages my printer? The original printer manufacturer will not want to repair or replace my printer.

That is correct. However we are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a free warranty certificate to all business clients. This certificate states in writing that we will repair or replace any printer that is damaged by Sinclair Imaging brand products. The bottom line is that you’re not putting your machine at risk by using our premium products, and the odds of one of our products damaging your printer are about as good as the odds of a brand name OEM product damaging your printer. Our business model is set up in such a way that there is no risk to businesses that use our products.